After a long winter the world outside has finally begun to turn green and the trees have begun to bud.  New Englanders have waited for this all winter.  This past winter (one of the worst on record) especially has made us anxious to get outdoors and care for our lawns and gardens.  Now that the weather has gotten warmer, it is time to start outdoor maintenance and get your yard ready for a season of outdoor activities, grilling, BBQs and evenings by the fire pit.  Let’s take a look at some steps that you should take to get your lawn and gardens ready for this growing season.

  • Assess – One of the first things you should do now that the snow has melted is assess your yard.  Are there any bare spots on the grassy areas? Are trees/bushes in need of pruning?  Is there an overgrowth of thatch?  Take a few minutes to walk around your yard and find out what needs to be done this spring season.
  • Rake – Yes, I know, you just did this thoroughly last fall.  Guess what? There will still be leaves, debris, branches and grass that needs to be raked.  Dead grass and thatch will be released with a good raking this spring.  It will also give you a better look at what areas of the lawn need o be repaired from winter damage.
  • Aeration – Many times over the winter (or due to heavy traffic in a yard), soil becomes compacted.  This spring is a good time to consider aeration.  This can be done with hand-held tools or by renting an aerator from a local home improvement store. The idea is to loosen holes in the soil to allow for better air and water flow to the grass roots.
  • Overseeding – Bare patches of grass are common after harsh winters.  Examine what areas need to be overseeded and decide on a good time to do this.
  • Fertilizing – There are regular schedules for fertilizing lawns that can be found online or by contacting a local landscaper.  Many homeowners fertilize with compost, mulching mowers or chemical fertilizers to get their lawns looking lush and green.

If you need any help getting your yard healthy this spring contact Peace of Mind.