This has been a historically long, cold and snowy winter.  We have all had just about enough of the winter of 2014-2015.  We long to get outside and enjoy warmer weather and spring activities.

Well, if you think you need spring, think about your lawn and garden.  Underneath all that snow was a yard waiting to be rejuvenated this spring.  Cleaning up the exterior of your home, from the grass thatches to pruning trees and tilling the soil are critical to the success of your yard this spring and summer season.  Here are some suggestions to help kick start the season.

  • Debris and waste clean up – Clean up all the leftover leaves and trash that have accumulated in the landscape over the winter. Cleaning up litter removes hiding places for bugs that can attack your plants later. Pet waste can get lost in the snow over the winter so be careful to take good care of “presents” left by your pet. Rake up fallen leaves and dead foliage in garden and flower beds as well (which can smother plants and foster disease). Add the leaves and other organic debris to your compost pile.
  • Check your irrigation system – If you have an irrigation system with automatic sprinklers check that all systems are working properly.  Make sure heads are facing in the right direction and that there was no damage through the winter.
  • Tuneup Garden Tools – This is a great time to have a check-up done on your mower and other garden tools.
  • Pruning – This is a great time to take inventory of damaged bushes, trees and garden areas.  Take the burlap off your bushes and check for any pruning that may need to be done.  Prune back and dead or damaged branches.
  • Soil and Grass – Spring is a great time to assess your soil and have it tested for level of Ph as well as check for dead grass areas that may need to be overseeded. Aerating in the spring is also a great idea to loosen up compacted dirt and allow for water and nutrients to get to the roots.
  • Hardscape – Sweep up loosened gravel and dirt that may have accumulated over the spring and examine stones for frost heaves in the interest of safety and function.

All of these steps are important to the success of your garden that is really just a few short weeks away!  If it all becomes too overwhelming or you need professional help this year consult Peace of Mind to help get your yard started with a thorough spring clean up.