Mosquito Sprays for Yards, Commercial Properties, & Municipalities

Each summer, hordes of mosquitoes descend on backyards, parks and campgrounds. Peace of Mind Tick Control can help!
Our conventional seasonal spray plans are highly-effective, keeping your property enjoyable all summer long. We spray your entire property, paying close attention to mosquito breeding grounds. Often times we recommend a simple clean-up or maintenance package to keep your property free of mosquito nesting areas.
We also offer organic sprays and alternatives, such as BTI mosquito dunks—when your infestation is close to water.
For optimum protection, we recommend re-application every 21 days, throughout the season. Our dependable team of licensed application specialists will work on a set schedule for the best results. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-spray at no additional charge.


Outdoor Event Sprays

June through October is the perfect time of year to host an outdoor event in Maine, but mosquitoes can be menacing.

At Peace of Mind, we want to ensure your attendees are protected and the area is mosquito-free.

We provide mosquito barrier spray 24-48 hours prior to the start of your event. Depending on recent weather, and the size and location of the event, we may recommend an additional spray one week prior.

It doesn’t take long for the solution to dry—and there is no odor or visible residue! It’s completely safe for food and beverage preparation and service.

Please consider Peace of Mind for any of your upcoming needs in southern Maine:

  • Outdoor Learning Events
  • Company Functions
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Family Reunions
  • Lobster Bakes
  • Public Events, Concerts, & Festivals




When is the Best Time of Year to Aerate and Overseed Maine Lawns?

When is the Best Time of Year to Aerate and Overseed Maine Lawns?

In Maine, the best time to aerate and overseed is August and September. This is so grass seeds have time to grow and develop strong roots before winter. Strong roots mean you’ll have a lush lawn in the spring that’s more pest and weed-resistant. It also reduces spring thaw runoff and puddling.

Best Ornamental Grasses for Maine Landscapes

Best Ornamental Grasses for Maine Landscapes

Ornamental grasses add texture, form, color, and movement to your landscape and they look great all summer, through late fall. Here’s some of our favorites and what we love about them.

Tick Dangers in Maine

Tick Dangers in Maine

Finding an engorged tick on your body is unpleasant and can be a bit alarming. It makes most people itch just thinking about it. The threat of disease is always present where ticks are concerned and a tick bite should be taken seriously. Most tick-borne diseases take...

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