Lawn Care

A healthy lawn enhances the look and value of your property while providing lush green space for you and your family to enjoy all summer long. Plus a thick, green lawn can buffer the heating effects of the sun, keeping your yard cooler during hot summer months. It can also improve air quality and the elimination of weeds can alleviate allergy symptoms. 

Fertilizer Programs

Peace of Mind is a Maine State Licensed fertilizer applicator. We will test your soil and provide a customized fertilizer plan along with correct mowing, dethatching, irrigation, aerating, and overseeding — to yield a lawn you can be proud of.

For optimal health of your lawn, we’ll implement our 5-step fertilization program:

Step 1

Spring application of pre-emergent and fertilizer granular mix. The pre-emergent aids in controlling crab grass, annual weeds, and broadleaf weeds. The fertilizer enriches the soil with the proper balance of macronutrients to support blade growth and root development. The healthier and thicker a lawn is, the less weed activity you find. At this time, we’ll usually pull a preliminary soil sample to test pH and nutrient levels.

Step 2

Add grub control and fertilizer granular mix. This step is extremely important since grubs damage lawns by eating their root system. Once the roots have been compromised water and nutrients can no longer get to the blades of grass to keep them alive. Also when you have grubs in your lawn, other critters (like skunks and raccoons) can potentially destroy your lawn by digging holes while looking for grubs to eat. In their next life cycle, grubs turn into Japanese Beetles that eat your flowers. 

Step 3

Add general fertilizer that stimulates soil bioactivity and helps build turf.

Step 4

Winterize lawn with fall/winter fertilizer application. Typically heavy on potassium to promote root strength and help the grass survive cold weather, the slow-release fertilizer is designed to be held in the lawn over the winter, releasing health-sustaining nutrients slowly, and providing a green show in spring.

Step 5

Perform soil analysis to determine soil ph and course correct if necessary, by adding lime. For optimum nutrient uptake, we typically want the soil pH value around 6.5.


Dethatching is a spring process that gets rid of the excess thatch layer from your lawn so that oxygen, water, and nutrients can get to the root zone.

Mowing Services

Peace of Mind offers weekly/bi-weekly mowing services that will leave your lawn clean with sharp lines. We use only commercial grade landscaping equipment.

Aeration and Overseeding

A critical part of the health of your lawn is aeration. Aeration allows better transportation of water, oxygen, fertilizers to the root system, will loosen compacted soils to promote better root growth, and will allow for a thicker lawn that will in turn reduce your weed population. A best practice after aerating is to overseed. Overseeding at this time allows seed to drop into your aeration holes for better soil to seed contact and in turn a higher percentage of germination.