As we experienced this past summer, even in Maine we can see long periods of little to no rainfall. These drought-like conditions wreak havoc on our lawns and gardens.

Take a look at your lawn. Have you noticed its growth is stilted, wilted, and brown? Plants will also show signs of stress by losing their color and wilting. Here are some tips to help your lawn and garden in drought conditions.


  • Adjust mow height – Mow the lawn at a higher height to encourage deeper roots and allow the grass to retain moisture better.  Only mow when the lawn needs to be mowed.
  • Aerate and de-thatch – Allow easy access to the roots by aerating the lawn.  This will allow any water that there is to get down deep to the roots. De-thatching will encourage growth as well.
  • Change your watering patterns – Water only in the morning to stop evaporation from occurring during the warmest part of the day. Water deeply when possibly.
  • Continue fertilizing – Many people incorrectly assume that during dry weather they should stop fertilizing. To care properly for a lawn under stress you should continue regular feedings. The key is using slow release fertilizer that will not harm or burn the lawn if applied dry.
  • Plan ahead – Consider having an irrigation system installed by a professional landscaper.
  • Don’t forget about pests!  Lawn and garden pests can still wreak havoc on your lawn and plantings. Don’t forget to treat for these buggers even in a time of little water.