Last year, when I was lost in my exuberance to start my garden, I accidentally weeded what I later found out were my beautiful lavender-blue Cat mint perennials!  Another time I drown my impatiens by leaving the sprinkler on overnight by mistake.  These are errors that anyone could make, but nonetheless, I was heartbroken when my hard work was lost.  Mistakes are common in gardening so here is our list of common garden mistakes to avoid this spring with a little planning and careful gardening.

  • Planting in the wrong spot – This common mistake happens because gardeners don’t take the time to assess the sun exposure in relation to the needs of their plants.
  • Accidentally pulling up flowers instead of weeds – Boy did I learn my lesson!  Now I write down what I have planted and where so that I remember it season-to-season.  Others find that nursery tags come in handy when identifying plants each spring.
  • Forgetting about soil preparation – Soil should be tested and fed each season.  Ask your landscaper or garden store to help you.
  • Over or under watering – Drowning or dehydrating plants can be a very common mistake especially if you don’t take into account how much natural rain has occurred.  Pay attention to the soil.  You should be able to stick a tool, such as a screwdriver ,into it without a lot of effort.  The soil should be able to be clumped into a ball in your hand.  There are indicator systems that you can buy or just plant a small plant that is an indicator plant.(One that wilts quickly when it is not watered enough.)
  • Not planning for pests – Having a rabbit or a groundhog eat your hard work is exasperating!  Plan accordingly for both wildlife and insects that may destroy your flowers, veggies or herbs.  Mesh fencing and homemade techniques can keep deer and other wildlife out.
  • Not reading the label- Most plants and seeds have specific instructions that will help you with watering, fertilizing instructions, pruning and a number of other gardening tricks.  Read the labels carefully and store labels in a spot to refer to later.

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