If Mother Nature would allow for rain every few days in the exact right amount each time, none of us would have to think about irrigation systems and sprinklers. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Therefore, as homeowners, business owners, and property managers we need to maintain and cultivate our lawns to keep them healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Installing an irrigation system or automatic sprinklers may be the best choice for many reasons.  Let’s look at the many benefits of irrigation systems or automatic sprinklers.

  • Time Saver/Convenience – If you currently manually water your lawn and garden, you know how much time it takes.  With an automatic irrigation system, watering  is as easy as setting the timer for watering that best suits your landscape and the climate where you live. Think of the convenience of being able to go away for a weekend or longer vacation and not have to worry about your gardens or lawn!
  • Water Conservation – Installing automatic water sprinklers ensures that nothing is wasted.  Water is not left on by accident or overused.  Automatic sprinklers actually conserve water by only using the amount needed for when you set it.  Studies by landscapers show that there is a savings of 30-50% of water when using automatic sprinklers. (Source PaversSearch)
  • Money Saver – Most automatic irrigation systems have rain sensors so water is not used when it is not needed.  This savings in the amount of water used translates into money saved as well.  Irrigation systems are one of the best financial investments in a home since appearance is a key factor in determining market value. Accurate and regular watering can make your lawn and garden look amazing!
  • Aesthetic Value – Well watered lawns and gardens look lush and beautiful.  What homeowner doesn’t want the first impression of their greatest asset to be a positive one?