Lawn Care

Fertilizer Programs

Peace of Mind is a Maine State Licensed fertilizer applicator. No lawn is the same so a customized fertilizer plan is developed with the homeowner’s goals in mind. A fertilizer program incorporated with correct mowing, dethatching, irrigation, aerating, and overseeding will yield a lawn you will be proud of.


Dethatching is a spring process that gets rid of the excess thatch layer from your lawn so that oxygen, water, and nutrients can get to the root zone.

Mowing Services

Peace of Mind offers weekly/bi-weekly mowing services that will leave your lawn clean with sharp lines. We use only commercial grade landscaping equipment.

Aeration and Overseeding

A critical part of the health of your lawn is aeration. Aeration allows better transportation of water, oxygen, fertilizers to the root system, will loosen compacted soils to promote better root growth, and will allow for a thicker lawn that will in turn reduce your weed population. A best practice after aerating is to overseed. Overseeding at this time allows seed to drop into your aeration holes for better soil to seed contact and in turn a higher percentage of germination.