Enhancing the landscaping of your yard can add to a home’s curb appeal, add equity, and make a yard feel like a peaceful retreat from the busy outside world.  This can be done by adding plantings, installing walkways, a patio, a fire-pit or unique water feature. The latter seems to be growing in popularity because of the benefits that it offers homeowners while they are living on the property but also by making their home stand out from the rest in the event that the house goes on the market.  Let’s look at the benefits of adding a small pond, a babbling water feature or a small waterfall feature to your yard.

  • Aesthetic appeal – More and more people are looking to create little outdoor havens for their families that extend to the outdoors. A water feature makes for a peacefully lovely backdrop. Water features are almost mesmerizing to look at and can be easily lit up at night, turning an ordinary backyard into what feels like an extension of your home and an extra room. There’s a magical aura to the sight and sound of running water. The simple addition of this type of feature can make your yard look one of a kind!
  • Peace and Relaxation – In our world of  “go go go” it would be nice to have a sanctuary to relax and have a moment of quiet.  A water feature can add that sense of serenity even to a typical yard.  The sound of a babbling pond or trickling of water has calming sounds that can wash away the stress of our busy lives.
  • Noise insulation – If you live near a busy road or possibly a loud area (construction, neighbors etc) the sound of a water feature can block out unwanted noises.
  • Low maintenance – Unlike a swimming pool, a water feature is fairly low maintenance. The water in these water features essentially re-circulates, so they don’t use much water and or grow much bacteria.  Therefore there is little cleaning and monitoring involved.

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