Do you tell yourself every spring that this will be the year that your lawn will look just as lush and green as the “Joneses” down the street?  There are many ways to ruin your chances of not meeting this goal such as over fertilizing, under watering, not treating for pests and of course the number one way to mess up a lawn is the most frequent activity you probably do to your lawn – mowing.  During this peak growing time, let’s review some basic lawn care rules for mowing that can help keep your lawn looking beautiful and possibly even better than the “Joneses.”

  • Mower maintenance – Make sure your mower is in good working condition.  This should include a yearly check up and a thorough cleaning . Be sure the oil is new and the spark plugs are working well.
  • Blade care – Just as you care for the mower, you should be sure that the blade remains sharp throughout the cutting season.  Dull blades tend to tear the grass rather than cut it cleanly. Professionals recommend sharpening several times during the season or keeping an extra sharpened blade that can be swapped out.
  • Mow height – The rule of thirds should be used when cutting your lawn.   No more than one-third of the grass plant should be cut at any one time. This will allow for a deeper root system and optimal aesthetic appearance.  It also helps prevent weed growth particularly crabgrass.
  • Mow Pattern – Change the direction that you mow your lawn to ensure a more even cut since grass blades will grow more erect and less likely to develop into a set pattern.
  • Wet grass – Avoid mowing when the grass is wet or there has been recent rain.  Grass will tear easily when wet.  In addition the mower tires can do damage to a lawn that is too wet.
  • Recycle clippings – In order to restore nutrients to the lawn, consider a mulching lawn mower.  The short clippings can add to the lawn’s biodegradable materials.  The warning with this tip is to not have large clumps of mulch since that can strangle the grass and block needed sun and water from getting to the roots.

By following some simple techniques for mowing, your lawn will be lush and beautiful all season long.  In fact the “Joneses” may be asking what your secret is!  For more help with your lawn contact Peace of Mind.